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Second Hand Department

Our Second Hand Department offers a wide selection of used books. Our current catalogue features recent and classic LGBT literature, in good condition or better, at affordable prices.

HC - Hard (cloth or other stiff) covers
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P - Pamphlet of prose: saddle-bound or stapled, without a spine
DJ - Has a wrap-around dust jacket
MMPB - Mas Market Paperback: the smaller standard size paperback, about 7" x 4¼"
TPB - Trade Paperback: the larger standard size paperback, about 8½" x 5½"

F - Fine or near Fine: excellent condition, almost new
VG - Very Good: a nice copy showing gentle use or a discreet remainder mark
G - Good: obviously used, showing wear or imperfections but basically sound with good binding and clean pages, undamaged
SIGNED - Bears the author's signature
INSCRIBED - Bears the author's signature, with an additional message in the author's hand


Andersen, Christopher    Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger.   NY, Gallery Books, 2012. Revealing biography of the lead Rolling Stone, with remarks on his erotic relationships with Brian Jones, David Bowie, Eric Clapton and others. “Jam-packed with juiciness” – Entertainment Weekly. TPB, VG, 364 pp. ($16)

Andros, Phil (pseud. of Samuel Steward)    Below the Belt and Other Stories.   Classic hustling stories with cover drawing by Tom of Finland. TPB, VG, 128pp. ($30)

Andros, Phil (pseud. of Samuel Steward)    My Brother, the Hustler.   SF, Gay Parisian Press, 1970. MMPB, G with small price sticker on cover showing shirtless stud, 186 pp. ($20)

Asprey, Robert    The Panther's Feast.   “The bizarre story of the Austrian officer whose uncontrollable passions led to the fall of an empire.” Novel based on a true story. MMPB,VG,312 pp. ($15)

Auden, W.H.    Collected Poems.   Franklin Center, The Franklin Library, 1976. Handsome collection stoutly bound in gold-embossed red leather, edited by Edward Mendelsohn with a two-page Introduction by Stephen Spender and a colour portrait of the poet by Daniel Schwartz. Laid in, a pamphlet about the book with a pen portrait of the poet by Uldis Klavins. HC, F, 696 pp. ($40)

Auden, W. H.    Selected Poems.   NY, Vintage, 2007. Expanded edition edited by Edward Mendelsohn. TPB, VG, 344 pp. ($12)

Baker, Tom    The Sound of One Horse Dancing.   Bloomington, iUniverse, 2007. Novel of a gay man in the advertising world. TPB, F, 201 pp. ($10)

Baldwin, James    Giovanni's Room.   NY, Signet, 1959. The first Signet edition of the classic gay novel with striking cover painting by Daniel Schwartz. MMPB, VG, 144 pp. ($55)

Baldwin, James    Giovanni's Room.   NY, Dell, 1976. Thirteenth Dell printing of the classic novel. MMPB, VG, 224 pp. ($10)

Baldwin, James    The Fire Next Time.   NY, A Laurel Book, 1988. Eloquent essays on New York, the Black Muslims, etc. MMPB, VG, 141 pp. ($10)

Barber, Michael    The Captain: The Life and Times of Simon Raven.   London, Duckworth, 1996. Illustrated biography of the novelist. “Hugely entertaining and scrumptiously readable.” – Frederic Raphael. TPB, F, 250 pp. ($20)

Barnes, Djuna    Ladies Almanack.   NY, Harper & Row, 1972. A facsimile of the 1928 edition (“written and illustrated by a Lady of Fashion”) with a new Foreward by the author. HC/DJ, VG, 323 pp. ($22)

Barnes, Djuna    Ryder.   NY, St. Martin's Press, 1956. “The most amazing book ever written by a woman” – Saturday Review. With illustrations by the author. HC/DJ,VG, 323 pp. ($20)

Barton, John    Hypothesis: Poems.   Toronto, House of Anansi, 2001. Poems by the Canadian poet. “He has the true poet's sense of wonder” – Canadian Literature. TPB, F, 117 pp. ($12)

Beckford, William    Life at Fonthill 1807-1822: With Interludes in London and Paris, from the Correspondence of William Beckford, Translated and Edited by Boyd Alexander.   London, Rupert Hart-Davis, 1957. HC/DJ, VG, 352 pp. ($30)

Beckford, William    The Journal of William Beckford in Portugal and Spain 1787-1788: Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Boyd Alexander..   London, Rupert Hart-Davis, 1954. HC/DJ, VG, 340 pp. ($30)

Bell, Virginia    From the Belly.   Alexander, AR, Sibling Rivalry Press, 2012. Acclaimed poems. TPB, F, 62 pp. ($10)

Bennett, Alan    Untold Stories.   London, Faber & Faber, 2005. Reminiscences and diaries by the author of The History Boys. “Alan Bennett, with his combination of pitiless observation and gentle understatement, is perhaps the best-loved of English writers today.” – Sunday Telegraph. TPB, VG, 658 pp ($20)

Bergman, David and Karl Woelz (eds.)    Men on Men 2000: Best New Gay Fiction for the Millennium.   NY, Plume, 2000. “Rarely has a series been so consistenly strong.” – Publishers Weekly. TPB, F, 323 pp. ($25)

Berman, Steve.    Red Caps: New Fairy Tails for Out of the Ordinary Readers..   Maple Shade, NJ, Lethe Press, 2013. Illustrated short stories about gay teenagers. MMPB,F,195 pp. ($20)

Berman, Steve    Vintage: A Ghost Story..   Maple Shade, NJ, Lethe Press, 2007. Finalist for the Andre Norton Award for Best Young Adult Novel. TPB,F,200 pp. ($10)

Berman, Steve    Wilde Stories: The Year's Best Gay Speculative Fiction 2012.   Maple Shade, NJ, Lethe Press, 2012. HC, D, 225 pp. ($15)

Bram, Christopher    Father of Frankenstein.   NY, Plume, 1995. The basis for the film Gods and Monsters, about director James Whale. TPB, VG, 276 pp. ($10)

Brewster, Hugh and John Forbes    The Complete Hoser's Handbook.   Toronto, Madison Press, 1983. The Canadian satirical classic by contributors to the original Body Politic newsmagazine. TPB, VG, 132 pp. ($12)

Brown, Rita Mae    Ruby Fruit Jungle.   NY, Bantam, 1988. A later printing of the classic lesbian novel. MMPB, G, 246 pp. ($10)

Burt, Nathaniel    Leopards in the Garden.   Boston, Little, Brown, 1998. Family entanglements of Americans in the South of France. HC/DJ, slight tape gum residue on endpapers otherwise VG+. 306 pp. ($35)

Burton, Peter (ed)    A Casualty of War: The Arcadia Book of Gay Short Stories.   London, Arcadia, 2008. Includes Ian Young's story “The Buggery Club” and stories by seventeen other authors including Neil Bartlett, Francis King, Jeffrey Round and Michael Davidson. TPB F, 289 pp. ($20)

Burton, Peter    Talking To….   London, Third House, 1991. Interviews with authors writing on gay themes, including Neil Bartlett, Quentin Crisp, Joseph Hansen, Alan Hollinghurst, Christopher Isherwood, Francis King, Larry Kramer, John Lehmann, Robin Maugham, Colin Spencer, Edmund White and Kenneth Williams. TPB, VG, 168 pp. ($20)

Burton, Peter (ed)    What Love Is: The Second Arcadia Book of Gay Short Stories.   London, Arcadia, 2010. Includes Ian Young's story “In My Dreams I Can Drive” and stories by twenty other authors including Patrick Gale, Francis King, Royston Ellis and Lawrence Schimel. TPB, F, 331 pp. ($20)

Cage, John    Silence: Lectures and Writings by John Cage.   Middletown, CT, Wesleyan University Press, 1976. Miscellany by the composer. “Carefree skinny-dipping in the infinite” – American Record Guide. Third printing. TPB, G+, 276 pp. ($20)

Callaghan, Morley    No Man's Meat.   Toronto, Stoddart, 1990. Seduction and betrayal in Ontario. HC/DJ, F, 42 pp. ($25)

Campbell, Sandy    Mrs. Joyce of Zurich and Mr. Forster of King's.   Verona, Stamperia Valdonega Editions, 1989. Illustrated essays with Paul Cadmus drawing of the author on cover. Large TPB in slipcover, VG ($30)

Capote, Truman    Other Voices, Other Rooms.   NY, Signet, 1963. Second printing. MMPB, VG, 127 pp. ($10)

Carr, Cynthia    Fire In the Belly: The Life and Times of David Wojnarowicz.   NY, Bloomsbury, 2012. Illustrated biography of the painter/writer. Some reproductions in colour. HC/DJ, VG, 613 pp. ($22)

Casso, Charlie    Going Down and Moving ON.   NY, Starr Books, 2012. Gay life in New York City as lived around the time of 9/11. TPB, F, 230 pp. SIGNED ($20)

Cavafy, C.P.    In Broad Daylight: (in) Grand Street, Spring 1983.   The poet's only known prose work (nine pages) with supplementary articles and annotated photographys of Cavafy, his family and his rooms. TPB, VG, 191 pp. ($30)

Challenge, Jack    St. Mick.   “A truly original novel, full of life and shocks” – Christopher Isherwood. TPB, G+, 305 pp. ($25)

Chambers, Aiden    Dance On My Grave.   London, Red Fox, 1995. “Who was this guy who rescued me from the sea and brought me home to be coddled by his mum and dressed me in his clothes and fed me in his kitchen?” TPB, VG, 251 pp. ($12)

Chandler, Charlotte    She Always Knew How: A Personal Biography of Mae West.   NY, Simon & Schuster, 2009. Illustrated biography of the actress and author of The Drag. HC/DJ, F, 317 pp. ($22)

Clark, Philip and David Groff (eds.)    Persistent Voices: Poetry by Writers Lost to AIDS.   NY, Alyson, 2009. Powerful anthology includes William Bory, Joe Brainard, Donald Britton, Daniel Diamond, Tim Dlugos, Richard George-Murray, James Merrill, many others. TPB, VG+, 282 pp. ($20)

Cline, Sally    Radclyffe Hall: A Woman Called John.   London, John Murray, 1998. Illustrated biography of the lesbian author. TPB, VG, 434 pp. ($20)

Colacello, Bob    Holy Terror: Andy Warhol Close Up: An Insider's Portrait.   NY, HarperCollins, 1990. Illustrated biography of the artist by a member of his circle. HC/DJ, VG+, 514 pp. ($24)

Congdon, Kirby    A Photograph and Poem by Ferron Bell and Kirby Congdon.   Key West, Cycle Press, 2012. Second Printing. C, F, 7 pp. ($10)

Congdon, Kirby    Athletes.   Rockford, MI, Presa Press, 2011. TPB, F, 45 pp. ($20)

Congdon, Kirby    Contemporary Poets in American Anthologies 1960-1977.   Metuchen, NJ, Scarecrow Press, 1978. A bibliography. HC, 228 pp. ($20)

Congdon, Kirby    Dream-Work.   Brooklyn, Cycle Press, 1970. First printing. Number 428 of 500 copies of this classic gay motorcycle fantasy. TPB, F, 66 pp. ($50)

Congdon, Kirby and Mark LeClair    Two by Two: New Subjects in Poetry and Illustration. Kirby Congdon Interprets New Poems by Mark LeClair.   Key West, Cycle Press, 2004. Poems by LeClair with illustrations by Congdon. C, F, 8 pp. ($10)

Cooper, Dennis    All Ears: Cultural Criticism, Essays and Obituaries.   N.p., Soft Skull Press, 1999. PB, VG, 146 pp. SIGNED ($30)

Cooper, Dennis    Closer.   NY, Grove Press, 1989. First edition of the novel. HC/DJ, F, 131 pp. ($20)

Cooper, Dennis    Frisk.   NY, Grove Weidenfeld, 1991. First edition of the novel. HC/DJ, F, 128 pp. ($20)

Cooper, Dennis    Guide.   NY, Grove Press, 1997. First edition of the novel. HC/DJ, F, 176 pp. ($20)

Cooper, Dennis    The Marbled Swarm: A Novel.   NY, Harper Perennial, 2011. TPB, VG, 194 pp ($10)

Cooper, Dennis    Period.   NY, Grove Press, 2000. First edition of the novel. HC/DJ, F, 109 pp. ($20)

Cooper, Dennis    Try.   NY, Grove Press, 1996. First edition of the novel. HC/DJ, F, 199 pp. ($20)

Cooper, Dennis    Ugly Man: Stories.   NY, Harper Perennial, 2009. First edition. Includes an interview, five poems and other material. HC/DJ, F, 288 pp. ($20)

Corley, Edwin    Farewell, My Slightly Tarnished Hero.   NY, Dodd Mead, 1971. First edition of this novel based on the life of James Dean. Colour drawing of Dean on the jacket. HC/DJ,G, jacket just a little nicked and worn, 319 pp. ($20)

Crisp, Quentin    Manners From Heaven.   London, Fontana/Flamingo, 1984. Astringent cocktail of comments on manners and morals, with an additional shot of bitters from collaborator John Hofsess. TPB, VG, 138 pp. ($10)

Curzon, Daniel    Dropping Names: The Delicious Memoirs of Daniel Curzon.   San Francisco, IGNA Books, 2004.Funny, acerbic memoir of literary life. TPB, F, 300 pp. SIGNED ($25)

Curzon, Daniel    Superfag.   SF, IGNA Books, 1996. “Young Superfag is sent on a mission to rid the world of homophobia.” TPB, F, 218 pp. SIGNED ($25)

Curzon, Daniel    What a Tangled Web: A Non-Fiction Narrative.   SF, IGNA Books, 2005. Novel exploring “the dark side of the Internet.” TPB, G+, 716 pp. ($30)

[de Forest, Michael]    The Gay Year by M De F.   NY, Lancer, 1965. “The famous underground bestseller…of two men and a forbidden passion.” MMPB, F, 191 pp. ($25)

Davidson, Michael    The World, the Flesh and Myself.   London, Quality Book Club, 1962. “This is the life-history of a lover of boys” is the first sentence of this classic memoir. HC, F, 354 pp. ($30)

DeWeil, Alexa    Conversations with Bibi.   Toronto, Canadian Women's Educational Press, 1975. Poems, with a cover illustration by Gail Geltner. TPB, VG, 45 pp. ($20)

Dillard, Gavin    The Naked Poet: Poems from 1970 to 1985.   Beverly Hills, Bhakti, 1989. With a nude self-portrait on the cover and an Introduction by James Leo Herlihy. TPB, F, 86 pp. SIGNED ($25)

Dillard, Gavin    Yellow Snow and Other Poems.   Beverly Hills, Bhakti, 1993. Poems with nude photographs of The Naked Poet by Jack Shear. Large TPB, VG+, [104 pp.] SIGNED ($22)

Duplechan, Larry    Blackbird.   NY, St. Martin's Press, 1986. Adolescent awakening of a black gay boy in Southern California. Will he be Romeo in the school play? HC/DJ,G+, 182 pp. ($20)

Edwards, Gavin    Last Night at the Viper Room: River Phoenix and the Hollywood He Left Behind.   NY, itbooks, 2003. Illustrated biography of the actor. Some great photos here. HC/DJ, F, 271 pp. ($20)

Eisley, Loren    The Star Thrower.   NY, Times Books, 1978. Essays by the poet/scientist with an Introduction by W.H. Auden. HC/DJ, VG, 264 pp. ($15)

Everhard, Jim    Cute and Other Poems.   San Francisco, Gay Sunshine Press, 1982. TPB, G with cover slightly faded, 80 pp. ($10)

Farout, Billy    Hero in the Bedroom.   SF, Parisian Press, 1972. Classic Gay Lib erotica. Includes several pages of illustrated ads for such books as Room Service Orgy and My Pussy is a Tiger. MMPB, VG, 147 pp. ($40)

Feinberg, David B.    Spontaneous Combustion.   London, GMP, 1991. A sequel to the acclaimed Eighty-Sixed, a caustic novel of the plague years in New York City. TPB, VG, 226 pp. ($20)

Fellows, Will and Helen P. Branson    Gay Bar: The Fabulous true Story of a Daring Woman and Her Boys in the 1950's.   Madison, WI, University of Wisconsin Press, 2010. “An extraordinary picture of gay American on the cusp of revolution” – Darden Asbury Pyron. HC/DJ, F, 166 pp. ($21)

Ferris, Havilland    Runes for Faring Forth.   Champaign, IL. The Finial Press, 1975. Elegant collection (designed by A.Doyle Moore) by the contributor to Son of the Male Muse. TPB, F, 63 pp. ($20)

Ferro, Robert and Michael Grumley    Atlantis: The Autobiography of a Search.   NY, Bell Publishing, 1970. The first book by two members of the Violet Quill gay writers group. Illustrated with photographs. HC/DJ, G+, 168 pp. ($22)

Fey, Edwin    Summer in Sodom.   NY, Paperback Library, 1965. MMPB, F, 156 pp. ($30)

Field, Edward    The Man Who Would Marry Susan Sontag and Other Intimate Portraits of the Bohemian Era.   Madison, WI, University of Wisconsin Press, 2005. Engaging literary memoir by the poet, including a vivid portrait of writer Alfred Chester. HC/DJ, F, 284 pp. ($25)

Fierstein, Harvey    Torch Song Trilogy: Three Plays by Harvey Fierstein with a Note from the Author.   NY, Villard Books, 1979. HC/DJ, VG+, 149 pp. ($20)

Findley, Timothy with Paul Thompson    Elizabeth Rex.   Winnipeg, Blizzard Publishing, 2000. The Queen and Shakespeare – “a vitriolic confrontation.” HC/DJ/ F, 79 pp. ($25)

Fowler, Christopher    Spanky.   London, Warner Books, 1994. “The hippest and sharpest horror writer around.” TPB, F, 338 pp. ($20)

Fraser, Brad    Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love.   Winnipeg, Blizzard Publishing, 1990. “A lurid hybrid of thriller and lament for lost love.” – Edmonton Journal. TPB, F, 103 pp. ($10)

Freeman, Gillian    The Alabaster Egg.   London, Anthony Blond, 1970. Novel set in Germany in different periods and involving King Ludwig II. By the author of The Leather Boys. HC⁄DJ, F, 173 pp. ($20)

Friedman, Sanford    Totempole.   NY, Signet, 1966. Classic gay novel of the Korean war. First paperback printing. MMPB, VG, 380 pp. ($20)

Fritscher, Jack    Leather Blues: The Adventures of Denny Sargent: A Novel.   “Novel of initiation into bikes, leather, S&M, and man-to-man sex.” Cover illustration by Rex. SF, Gay Sunshine Press, 1984. TPB, F, 91 pp. ($20)

Fritscher, Jack    Some Dance to Remember.   Stamford, CT, Knights Press, 1990. First edition of this classic novel of the 1970s. TPB, G+, 562 pp. ($20)

Gagnon, J. Maris    Death to Reach a Star: A Novel.   Seattle, Twin Omega Press, 1993. Epic historical saga set in Russia at the beginning of the 20th Century. “Scandal, intrigue, jealousy and murder thwart the secret homosexual love shared between two young musician cousins.” HC/DJ, F, 847 pp. ($40)

Garabian, Keith    Blue: The Derek Jarman Poems.   Winnipeg, Signature Editions, 2008. Portrait of the filmmaker in a suite of poems. TPB, F, 109 pp. ($15)

George, Ben    The Quest.   Np, The Author, 1990. Raunchy tales of cops and bikers. TPB, VG, 110 pp. ($20)

George, Stefan    Hymnen Pilgerfarten Algabal.   Stuttgard, Klett-Cotta, 1987. Three of the German poet's oracular books. German language text. HC/DJ, small spot on jacket, otherwise vg+, 130 pp. ($22)

Gide, Andre    Corydon.   Swaffham,UK, Gay Men's Press, 1998. Classic 1920s essay on homosexuality in a new translation by Richard Howard, with an 11-page Translator's Note. “The reader will encounter in this book unexpected pleasures: civilized wit, sophistication, surprising insights” – John Rechy. TPB, F, 135 pp. ($20)

Ginsbert, Allen    Journals Mid-Fifties 1954-1958.   NY, HarperPerennial, 1996. Edited by Gordon Ball. TPB, F, 489 pp. ($20)

Gomez-Arcos, Agustin    The Carnivorous Lamb..   Boston, David R. Godine, 1984. “A Buñuelian family saga set in Franco's Spain” and after. Translated by William Rodarmor. With a gorgeous jacket painting by Mel Odom. HC/DJ, F, 269 pp. ($30)

Graham-Dixon, Alexander    Caravaggio: A Life Sacred and Profane..   London, Penguin, 2011. Illustrated biography of the Renaissance painter. “Blood…guts…unprintable insults…action, intrigue and dirty deeds.” TPB, F, 514 pp. ($20)

Green, Julian    Each in His Darkness.   NY, Pantheon Books, 1961. Novel of Gothic guilt by the American-born French author. Translated by Anne Green. HC/DJ, VG, 347 pp. ($30)

Greene, Jay    Pretty Boy: An Original Novel.   NY, Midwood, 1968. MMPB, G, 186 pp ($10)

Gunn, Drewey Wayne and Jaime Harker (eds)    1960's Gay Pulp Fiction: The Misplaced Heritage.   Amherst, University of Massachusetts Press, 2013. Wide-ranging essays on the gay pulp fiction phenomenon, with several pieces on individual authors. TPB, 329 pp. ($25)

Hansen, Joseph    Obedience.   NY, Mysterious Press, 1989. MMPB, G, 202 pp. ($10)

Hastings, Selina    The Secret Lives of Somerset Maugham.   London, John Murray, 2009. Frank, illustrated biography. “Superb” – The Observer. TPB, F, 614 pp. ($20)

Heidenry, John    What Wild Ecstasy: The Rise and Fall of the Sexual Revolution..   NY, Simon & Schuster, 1977. HC/DJ, VG, 448 pp. ($20)

Hennegan, Alison (ed.)    The Lesbian Pillow Book.   London, Fourth Estate, 2000. A Sapphic cornucopia – “Wide-ranging, highly individual collection of writings by and about lesbians through history.” A very handsome book. TPB, VG, 424 pp. ($20)

Hill, Susan    Strange Meeting.   Harmondworth, Penguin, 1974. Male romance in the Great War. MMPB, G+, 179 pp. ($10)

Hocquenghem, Guy    The Screwball Asses.   Los Angeles, Siotext(e), 2010. Cranky, French polemic, translated by Noura Wedell. MMPB, VG, 87 pp. ($10)

Hogan, Steve and Lee Hudson    Completely Queer: The Gay and Lesbian Encyclopedia.   NY, Henry Holt, 1998. Hefty, illustrated compendium. TPB, F, 704pp. ($25)

Holland, Isabel    The Man Without a Face.   NY, Bantam, 1978. Disfigured man's friendship with an adolescent. MMPB, G+, 151 pp. ($10)

Holland, Merlin    Coffee with Oscar Wilde.   London, Duncan Baird Publishers, 2007. “A fictional dialog based on biographical facts” by Wilde's grandson. Foreward by Simon Callow. HC/DJ, F, 143 pp. ($22)

Holland, Walter    A Journal of the Plague Years: Poems 1979-1992.   NY, Magic City Press, 1992. INSCRIBED ($15)

Holleran, Andrew    Grief.   NY, Hyperion, 2006. Short novel about survivors of the AIDS epidemic living in Washington, D.C. HC/DJ, F, 150 pp. ($10)

Hollibaugh, Amber L.    My Dangerous Desires: A Girl Dreaming Her Way Home.   Durham, NC, Duke University Press, 2000. Collection of memoirs and interviews by the “lesbian sex radical, ex-hooker, incest survivor, gypsy child, poor-white-trash, high-femme dyke.” Foreward by Dorothy Allison. TPB, F, 277 pp. ($13)

Hollinghurst, Alan    The Line of Beauty.   London, Bloomsbury, 2004. Acclaimed novel of English gay life in the Thatcher years. HC/DJ, F, 438 pp. ($20)

Hollinghurst, Alan    The Swimming-Pool Library.   NY, Vintage, 1989. TPB, G+, 336 pp. ($10)

Hooven, Valentine    Tom of Finland: His Life and Times.   NY, St. Martin's Press, 1993. Illustrated biography of the artist. HC/DJ, VG, 201 pp. ($25)

Hopkins, Kenneth    The Powys Brothers: A Biographical Appreciation.   Rutherford, NJ, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1967. HC/DJ, VG, 275 pp. ($15)

Houseman, A.E.    A Shropshire Lad with Illustrations by Patric Procktor.   London, The Folio Society, 1986. HC in slipcase, F, 101 pp. ($45)

Hunter, M.S.    The Buccaneer: Volume I of the San Vito Chronicles Including “The Chronicle of Tommy the Cutlass” as Rendered into Modern English by M.S. Hunter.   Sword and sodomy on the high seas in the 17th century Caribbean. Cover painting shows interracial male pair. ($20)

Huysmans, J.K.    Against the Grain (A Rebours).   NY, Hartsdale House, 1931. The classic decadent novel, illustrated by Arthur Zaidenberg, with an Introduction by Havelock Ellis. HC/DJ, VG, 339 pp. ($22)

Ireland, Timothy    The Novice.   London, Gay Men's Press, 1988. A young man's bleak relationships in London. TPB, VG, 121 pp. ($10)

Isherwood, Christopher    A Single Man.   NY, Avon/Bard, 1978. First Bard printing of the novel, later filmed. With cover portrait of the author by Don Bachardy. MMPB, VG, 158 pp. ($10)

Isherwood, Christopher    All the Conspirators.   London, Methuen, 1984. Isherwood's first novel, first published in 1928. TPB, G+, 158 pp. ($10)

Jay, Victor    The Gay Haunt.   NY, The Other Traveller, 1970. Bestselling gay erotic ghost story inspired by Coward's Blithe Spirit. MMPB, VG, 185 pp. ($30)

Julian, Philippe    Oscar Wilde.   London, Constable, 1969. Biography of the author translated by Violet Windham. TPB, F, 420 pp. ($20)

Kelley, Collin    Render: Poems.   Alexander, AR, Sibling Rivalry Press, 2013. “Postcards from the past…a poetry of depth, insight and humanity.” TPB, F, 70 pp. ($10)

Kenry, Chris    Can't Buy Me Love.   NY, Kensington Books, 2001. “A romp through every gay subculture imaginable” - Michael Musto. HC/DJ/ VG, 326 pp. ($20)

Kramer, Larry    Faggots: A Novel.   NY, Plume, 1987. Attractive reprint of the classic, still-controversial novel of New York gay life in the years leading up to AIDS. Cover illustration by Michael Leonard. TPB, VG, 384 pp. ($20)

Lauritsen, John    The AIDS War: Propaganda, Profiteering and Genocide form the Medical-Industrial Complex.   NY, Asklepios, 1993. Important, wide-ranging collection of articles on AIDS and the response to it, many from the New York Native. Outlines “an epidemic of lies.” TPB, F, 479 pp. ($22)

Lauritsen, John    A Freethinker's Primer of Male Love.   Provincetown, RI, Pagan Press, 1998. “A celebration and defense of male love from a secular humanist perspective.” TPB, VG, 95 pp. INSCRIBED ($15)

Lauritsen, John    The Man Who Wrote Frankenstein.   Dorchester, MA, Pagan Press, 2007. Engaging exploration of the theme of male love in Frankenstein and the likelihood that it was written by the poet rather than his teenaged wife. A controversial book – praised by Camille Paglia, damned by Germaine Greer! TPB, F, 231 pp. ($15)

Lauritsen, John and David Thorstad    The Early Homosexual Rights Movement (1864-1935).   NY, Times Change Press, 1974. First edition of this classic study. Small TPB, VG+, 93 pp. ($20)

Leavitt, David    The Lost Language of Cranes.   NY, Alfred A. Knopf, 1986. Second printing. HC/DJ, VG+, 319 pp. ($20)

LePan, Douglas    Far Voyages: Poems.   Toronto, McClelland & Stewart, 1990. A cycle of gay love poems by the Governor General's Award Winner. TPB, VG, 62 pp. INSCRIBED ($25)

Leseur, Joe    Digressions on Some Poems by Frank O'Hara: A Memoir.   NY, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2003. Memoir by the poet's companion. HC/DJ, neat ink mark and rubber stamp image of pen on endpaper, otherwise VG, 305 pp. ($25)

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Young, Ian    Year of the Quiet Sun.   Toronto, House of Anansi, 1969. “Young has a deftness of touch and practiced skill that make me enthusiastic…it is pleasant to see the small smile on Young's face behind each poem, a personality and intellect that seem to conjoin and are aware of what they are doing” – Al Purdy. TPB, F, 49 pp. ($45)

Zilinsky, Ursula    Middle Ground.   Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1968. Novel set in a World War II prison camp. HC/DJ, small piece of the jacket missing at the spine, otherwise G, 192 pp. ($25)

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