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Nuclear Family
One Woman's Confrontation with Atomic Power

By: Joanne Young
Sykes Press
113 pages
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Nuclear Family is the personal story of one of Canada's leading anti-nuclear and peace activists. In the 1950's Joanne Young was a young housewife with a typical "nuclear family," her husband Bill and four young children: she had little interest in politics. Then her husband, an engineer at Ontario's crown-controlled Eldorado uranium refinery, died of a "mysterious illness," and the family's innocence and stability were abruptly shattered.

Joanne Young's quest for the truth about the nuclear industry – and its complicity in both her husband's death and the lengthy coverup that followed – eventually led her to a determined campaign of civil disobedience to alert the public to "an extremely dangerous, expensive and carelessly operated technology."

Here is a moving account of how and why one courageous woman turned family tragedy into personal commitment. Nuclear Family will interest anyone concerned with nuclear and environmental issues, feminism, or the fair treatment of injured workers and their families.

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Nuclear Family
One Woman's Confrontation with Atomic Power

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