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Lost Passport
The Life and Words of Edward Lacey

By: Fraser Sutherland
BookLand Press
459 pages
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Edward Lacey is one of the few Canadian poets known beyond the nation's borders. After writing the first openly gay poetry book in Canada, The Forms of Loss, he was caught carrying marijuana across the Mexican border, he made himself an exile on five continents. A superb translator of multiple languages, and a gifted teacher in Mexico, Trinidad, Brazil, Morocco, Thailand and Indonesia, he also had "a genius for trouble." He was a binge drinker who could find a bar in a desert, was repeatedly beaten and robbed, and may have held the world's record for stolen passports. Estranged from most of his family, he squandered a legacy from his parents within a decade.

No one – neither loyal friend nor newfound acquaintance – could forget this strange man: solitary yet sociable, pedantically aloof and gravely polite, a lifelong enemy of authority. A promiscuous hedonist, he yearned for intimacy but refused it when it beckoned.

This detailed, forthright biography by Lacey's friend, Canadian poet Fraser Sutherland, provides a vivid portrait of this unique author.

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Lost Passport
The Life and Words of Edward Lacey

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